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Upcoming Book Reviews and Jury Nullification


These two topics, upcoming book reviews and jury nullification, have absolutely nothing to do with one another. I’m bundling these two topics together so I can avoid writing two separate posts. Yes, I know it’s bad form. I’m not too concerned.

An Explanation and Apology

It’s hard to believe that it has been almost three months since I have posted anything. I don’t have any excuses other than life has been busy – – crazy busy. I’m finishing up a series of courses in advanced business analytics through the University of Colorado Boulder, attended a homechool conference, fought a couple bouts of the flu/cold, am taking my daughter to classes in AKC conformation twice a week and have done about 1 dog show a month with her…all this on top of my other responsibilities. Needless to say my writing is at the bottom of my priority list in this season of life. That said, I have kept up on my reading but haven’t posted any reviews. I have read four books during this time and just received two more to review. My apologies to Fran Rogers, P&R Publishing, Baker Books, and IVP Academic. I have read your books (I promise!) and my reviews are coming soon.

Upcoming Book Reviews

As I said, I am currently writing four book reviews and have two books in queue to read. In the following weeks you can expect reviews of the following excellent books:

  1. The Garden of God’s Word by Fran Rogers. This delightful book is a self-published booklet by Fran Rogers. Mrs. Rogers is the author of Two Full Plates which I reviewed in December. You can my review of this book this coming week.
  2. Hungry by Rondi Lauterbach and pulished by P&R Publishing. This is an excellet treatise on hunger and God’s design in creating us to hunger in order to point us to something outside of ourselves for satisfaction.
  3. Do All Lives Matter?  by Wayne Gordon & John Perkins and published by Baker Books. This is a timely look into the BLM movement and the circumstances that stirred the waters. Do all lives matter? Are we willing to live as if they do or are we content to just talk as if they do? Can we really say that all lives matter if we refuse to say that black lives matter? These questions are explored in this wonderfully biblical treatment of current events.
  4. Modern Art and the Life of a Culture by Jonathon Anderson & William Dyrness published by IVP academic – This is an excellent treatment of modern art inspired by Rookmaaker’s great work, Modern Art and the Death of a Culture. Contrary to Rookmaaker however, the authors see the theological underpinnings of modern art and offer hope — a hope that was perhaps missed by Rookmaaker when he wrote his book fifty years ago.

In addition to these, I just received two more books from P&R Publishing: Anger & Stress Management God’s Way by Wayne Mack, and Divided we Fall by Luder Whitlock.I fully expect both of these reviews to be posted in June.

Jury Nullification

Leave it to the crew at Radiolab to turn an otherwise dry topic into a nearly 53 minutes of enjoyable documentary radio.If you are not familiar with Radiolab, it is a secular public radio show produced by WNYC and is almost aways enjoyable even if you don’t agree with their worldview (I typically don’t). In their own words, “Radiolab is a show about curiosity. Where sound illuminates ideas, and the boundaries blur between science, philosophy, and human experience”

If you have an hour to spare (seriously) you will want to listen to this. This episode is perfect for listening to while working around the house, enjoying your favorite hobby, or driving in traffic on your way to work. Visit the website, download it into iTunes or your favorite podcast app, or simply click on the player below and enjoy this fascinating discussion. You will want to listen to the entire thing. The ending may surprise you. Then… let’s talk.

6 thoughts on “Upcoming Book Reviews and Jury Nullification

  1. Ryan Smith

    All I can say is FINALLY!!! I’ll have to listen to Radiolab tomorrow. I swear I can’t listen to those guys before bed. I end up awake all night thinking. Welcome back. It’s about time. The books all look good. I’ve been saving up my book budget in your absence. I may have to buy all of them.

  2. Lonny

    Good. Now I can stop harassing you over email. You’ve been a good sport!

  3. Karl R.

    It was good to get the email notification again Aaron. Like Lonny I can stop harassing you now. Unless you don’t post again soon in which case I’ll start sending you more messages lol! I’m looking forward to reading all of those reviews. Each of the books sound good in their own way. I wasn’t a big fan of Rookmaaker’s book because I felt that he failed to see God in the modern expressions of art and saw classical art as some sort of pure expression of Christianity. Like many he focusses too much on the form and not enough on the message being conveyed. I’m really looking forward to reading the book on art. The others look good too. I bought Two Full Plates and loved every page of it. I can’t wait to read this next one by Rogers. Black lives do matter as do all. But not all lives are treated the same and the movement is a reaction to some very real injustices. I am interested in their take on the issue. I hope it is well thought out and not just another conservative reaction that lacks empathy.

  4. Marie

    Welcome back!

  5. Glinda Holsey

    I knew nothing about jury nullification before listening to this! I have to admit when they gave the first example I was dead set against it. How could that lady just disregard the law because she thought it was unfair?! But the more I listened the more I realized that the jury has an incredible power to make unjust laws not condemn the innocent. I guess the question is what is the highest law we should follow and what happens if the law of the land is unjust? But this can work both ways. What if the jury has a bent to righteousness? But what if the jury truly sees an injustice? So confusing. It was chilling.

  6. Joseph K.

    Aaron I’m looking forward to reading the book reviews. Good podcast by the way. No easy solutions but the people should always have the power to nullify an unjust charge. My 2 cents.

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