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When Grace is Ungraceful


Over at Christ Hold Fast, Chad Bird describes what grace looks like when it meddles in the affairs of sinners. Read, Grace is Not Dead

6 thoughts on “When Grace is Ungraceful

  1. Catherine Distad

    Wow that was incredible! Really! I was sorry if offended at first because I thought how dare he speak of grace like that!! As I kept reading though I saw just how amazing grace is. God stooped to the gutter for me!

    • ajcerda

      If we think we are better off than what he described we have no idea how lost we were.

  2. S. Dugas

    My wife and I read this after visiting your sight from the list of Baker Academic book review bloggers. Great links in general here but this one gripped us! We sang Amazing Grace together, all the verses, prayed for our wayward children and grandchildren and went to bed in peace for the first time in a very long time.

    • ajcerda

      Mr. Dugas it sounds like you and your wife had a precious time together. I’ll pray for your children and grandchildren whenever I come across your comment.

  3. Gerald

    To say Grace is lacking in taste and propriety is to have an utter lack of theological knowledge and ignorance. Nothing God gives I repeat NOTHING is lacking in taste or propriety. His grace is a reward for choosing him as our Lord and it is continually renewed each day as we walk in obedience.

    • ajcerda

      Gerald I think our theology has different starting points. I am reformed and this informs my understanding of scripture but even non-reformed would say that we are totally and completely lost and without hope until God stooped down to pick us up from the mire. Grace acted in an unbecoming manner so that we might be displayed as trophies of God’s grace. Ezekiel 16 as well as Hosea are clear on how filthy we were and how God condescended to save us.

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