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When Parenting by Grace Doesn’t Lead to Change


Jessica Thompson, Daughter of Elyse Fitzpatrick and brilliant author in her own right, offers these wise words on how we should continue to give our children the grace of the gospel even when their hearts appear to be hardened to it.

I should note here that Thompson is not saying that we neglect the rod when disciplining our children. It won’t take much digging to find out that Thompson, like her mother, believes that spanking is biblical when done in a biblical manner. Her post is not about the part of discipline when parents administer the rod…it is about how we instruct hearts in the discipline process.

If this sounds foreign or even wrong to you, then it could be a sign that something is wrong with how you view discipline. God’s discipline of His own children always includes both the painful part and the gospel part. If we view discipline as just spanking and never give our children the good news of a God who has the power to change them, then we have missed the point and are not faithfully representing God to our children.

But even when done biblically, you will experience seasons when it seems like the gospel is not taking root. How do we respond to this as parents?

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2 thoughts on “When Parenting by Grace Doesn’t Lead to Change

  1. RENA!!!

    Okay I agree with spanking but whats the bublical way and how do I give them grace when spanking becuase to me spanking is not about grace but fixin the bad stuff does that make sinse? So even tho I beleieve in spanking its hard hard hard here becuse we are considered a school/ orphanage which is ileegal to spank in a school or orphanage in Russia but in the home I can. But not beat them so my two and next month three if the adoption goes throug (yay!) I can spank and boy do ever! But the other 27 right now I can’t becuse I am not their mother but teacher and orphanager.

  2. Linda

    My husband and I absolutely love your blog and find your posts to be just what we’re needing. Do you you allow guest writers to write for you? I wouldn’t mind writing a little. Especially on the topic of how we come to be made like Christ. Again, awesome website!

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